Vision & Virtues


‘In this sign, you shall conquer’


Our Vision
St Michael’s is a Christian community providing quality education and empowering learners to be compassionate, responsible, resourceful citizens.


Our Virtues

Faith, Hope and Love are God’s gift to us. More than virtues, they stand at the heart of Christianity: God’s faithfulness, the hope God gives us, and the love God has for each one of us. Our virtues and actions grow from these gifts.


As a church school in the Anglican tradition, Christian faith is at the centre of our lives at St Michael’s. During daily services and assemblies, and Religious Education lessons, our pupils hear the stories of the Bible, learn about faith and discover what it means to live it. Faith challenges us all, but we try to show our faith by our daily actions and values. An essential part of our Christian faith is learning about other faiths and cultures.


Christian love means caring so much for others that it shows in the way we treat them. At St Michael’s, our pupils learn how we can show this love unselfishly in our lives through kindness, patience, forgiveness, caring and tolerance.


Christian hope is not wishful thinking. Our pupils learn that hope is trust that something will happen because God has promised it will, and because Christ showed us through his life, work and death. Without hope, the danger is we think only of ourselves, our problems, our futures, and this keeps us from loving and living to our full potential.


Without respect, good citizenship is impossible. At St Michael’s, there is an expectation that all members of our school family – pupils, staff and parents – are respectful in all we do and say. Respect for one another, for ourselves, for our learning, for others’ learning, in our interactions and for our environment underpins St Michael’s life.


Integrity challenges us to be honest with others and ourselves. At St Michael’s, we seek to be sincere in our words and actions, sound of character, trustworthy and trusted.


Our pupils, staff and their families thrive within the support and community of the parish of St Michael & All Angels. Our pupils experience a sense of belonging by participating, co-operating and celebrating as part of the larger parish community. Our unity brings peace and harmony, and grows as we value one another.

And as your school at the heart of the city, we share and rejoice in the city community regenerating around us.