Middle Years: 4-6

It is our aspiration at St Michael’s that every child will flourish intellectually, musically, physically and spiritually. We share your high hopes and expectations, as your child settles into the middle years, developing a good work ethic and growing in confidence.

The essential foundations in English and Mathematics remain a key focus. English is taught by home room teachers, with extension programmes and learning support in reading and writing developed to suit pupils’ abilities.

Mathematics is streamed for Years 4-8, allowing pupils to be supported, extended and promoted within ability groups.

Homework is given. Time spent reading and learning basic facts and times-tables is invaluable and a great way for parents to join in learning. 

In Years 4, 5 & 6, topical units are enjoyed, exploring historical and geographical themes. Subject teaching become more defined, as Spanish and specialist Science are added to the other with timetabled specialisms of Art, Music, RE and PE. 

Many pupils in the Middle School choose to learn a musical instrument or take singing or speech & drama lessons from one of our ten itinerant teachers who visit weekly. Opportunities abound to join one of our several choirs, the Stage Band and Orchestra.