Every Day is Open Day at St Michael’s

As the first step in your child’s enrolment at St Michael’s, we are delighted to welcome you to visit us.

Your personal tour with principal Penny Tattershaw will be arranged to suit your schedule by our registrar, Bec Hitchcock:

        E:   registrar@saintmichaels.co.nz

        M:  027.534.3932


Our 2024 fees are $13,626.46 annually per pupil in Years 0-8. 

This total comprises: $13,026.46 Tuition fees  +  $600.00  Development Levy

Fees are charged in 11 equal instalments, January – November, with payment due on the 20th of the month. Fees must be paid by direct debit.

All fees are stated in $NZ dollars and are inclusive of 15% G.S.T. (Goods & Services Tax).


Each pupil has a Sundries’ Account for incidental costs. Charges to the Sundries’ Account are for items including stationery, academic competitions, trips and camps, cultural and sports’ events. The Sundries’ Account is charged monthly, along with the school fees, and must be paid by direct debit.