After School Care

The St Michael’s teaching day begins at 8.25am and ends for Years 1-6 at 3.00pm, and for Years 7&8 at 3.30pm, but our day is longer for our busy parents if you need us.

Before School Care

The school doors open at 7.30am. Pupils arriving onsite before 8.00am report to Before School Care which is supervised by a staff member. This is a calm environment in which to chat, read or catch up with last-minute homework. At 8.00am, pupils report to their home classrooms, to greet their class teachers and classmates, and organize themselves for morning lessons. There is no charge for Before School Care.

After School Care

After School Care begins at 3.15pm. All pupils still on site at this time join After School Care, whether pre-booked or not. The hourly fee for After School Care is charged in quarter-hour increments. Afternoon tea is served at 3.30pm in the hall, and consists of a drink and variously a piece of fruit or baking. Afternoon tea is provided by the school as part of the fee. After School Care closes at 5.30pm. A late fee is charged after 5.40pm.

After School Clubs

Each term, After School Clubs are offered. These vary each term, and most operate until 4.30pm. There may be a charge for a club, depending on any materials required and whether or not the club is taken by an outside instructor.  Pupils may join After School Care once their club finishes, until 5.30pm. Fees apply.

Holiday Programme

The St Michael’s Holiday Programme runs variously during the school holidays. The dates are published in advance. Children may enrol weekly or for individual days. We believe our pupils should spend some part of their holiday away from school, so our Holiday Programme does not run for the full duration of any holiday. The Holiday Programme does not operate on public holidays which fall during school holidays. In particular, Easter and ANZAC Day often fall in the April holidays.