Vision & Values

The School Motto
in hoc signo vinces – In this sign you shall conquer.

Our Vision
St Michael’s is a Christian community providing quality education and empowering learners to be compassionate, responsible, resourceful citizens.

Mission Statements
To be a community of worship, learning and ministry, within the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism, in which the Christian faith as proclaimed in and through the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, may be nurtured. To provide an environment in which true Christian values are sought and fostered, and taken into account in decisions, actions and methods. To provide education in a school of special character, which welcomes, and is open to, a wide range of pupils from all social, economic, religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the community. To provide educational experiences of high quality which will develop the spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical needs of each child in a well-balanced programme.
Our Values
Over the last two years, our School Community has been surveyed and after extensive development, the following four values have been identified as being central to the teaching and learning environment at St. Michael’s Church School: Connectedness; Faith; Aroha; and Learning.

At St. Michael’s, our learners will experience connectedness, a sense of family, belonging, participating, co-operating, celebrating, and being part of a larger community – in the School, in the Parish, in the City, and in the World.


At St. Michael’s, our learners will develop and demonstrate Christian attitudes and values, developing a life of prayer and knowledge of the Bible, showing our faith through our daily actions, and being accepting of other cultures and faiths.


At St. Michael’s, our learners will develop integrity, positivity, caring, resilience, co-operation, sense of humour, determination, diligence, creativity, passion, confidence, motivation, independence, interdependence, flexibility, responsibility and resourcefulness.


At St. Michael’s, our learners will develop a lifelong love of learning, exploration and curiosity, learning together, and using our gifts and talents. We will be creative and take risks as we seek to develop or knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes.